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Siyaya Phambili

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Siyaya Phambili are a global technology solutions provider, servicing companies across Africa & Europe. Their unique approach to ICT solutions has allowed them to scale exponentially and deliver immense value to their clients around the world.

Capri Homeware

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Capri Exclusive homeware supplying quality kitchen equipment to the South African market. This proudly family run business has been delivering quality products since 1966, growing from strength to strength over the years.

tangala safari camp

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Tangala Safari Camp is a private safari lodge, situated in the magnificent ThornyNusharea of the Greater Kruger National Park. They offer a truly unique African Safari experience, offering their customers an escape from their chaotic city lifestyle.


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MHA is an independent financial service provider who’s been providing a wide range of comprehensive funeral products, value plan offerings and services to individuals, organizations, and businesses. They’ve been going above and beyond for their clients since 1996- creating value and opportunity for the South African economy.

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