Mobile game Development

For an unforgettable Customer experience

Game Development For brands

Hamba specialises in game development and gamification, allowing brands to engage with their audience like never before. whether it be through a mobile game or interactive experience, we’ll help you create a lasting and memorable brand experience that your customers will never forget.

Have an awesome idea for a game? Let’s see if we can help bring it to life.

The optimal process

We meet with your team to discuss your marketing objectives, campaigns, ideal customer and any other relevant information.

We’ll conceptualise 2-3 game ideas that suit your situation perfectly.

Once you choose your favourite idea, we’ll start creating the prototype – allowing you to play a basic version of the game.

After-which we’ll work on the MVP, filling in the design elements, music and sound as well as improving the gameplay.

The last step includes doing final touchups, game testing, quality assurance and prepping for release on the relevant app stores.

We’re still building our portfolio but don’t let That scare you. Get in touch to take advantage Of our favourable rates while we’re still feeling generous.

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